Giving Week (26th-31st July)

During this time of Coronavirus (Covid-19) we have all become aware of how our key workers have had to give of themselves even more than usual and quite how much we have asked of them. There has been no part of our normal life environment which has been unaffected, through circumstances related too health, social, financial or our daily work. Many have struggled to make ends meet and have been uncertain as to how the future will be shaped. As we attempt to come out of lockdown, many futures are now being determined and affected by decisions taken and we felt it was important to stand with our local and wider community in sharing emotionally and financially.

We would therefore ask you to consider giving both your time and financially this coming week (26th-31st July):

  1. Would you be able to devote 15 minutes every day to pray for those that you know who are in need. Then widen that net to our community, for those still caring for the sick and frail, those for whom their work pattern has been disrupted or removed; for those preparing to make fundamental changes such as WSG school, for those further afield now contending with the virus with little or no health support and with fragile economies; those making political and practical decisions. Let us lift up the emergence of our countries to God, that we might be different people with a different outlook because of what we have experienced.
  2. Let us also consider whether we are able, depending on our own circumstances, to make a donation to a special fund that the Mission Committee at Wonersh Church will administer.

We propose allocating the funds raised as follows.  

75% to support specific coronavirus needs internationally, for example in refugee camps and war torn countries such as Yemen, Syria and South Sudan:

£54 could provide 18 families with a month’s supply of hygiene and sanitising essentials
£82 could provide health training and food parcel support to 5 families for 3 months

This giving will be channelled through Tearfund coronavirus appeal as part of the wider DEC appeal.

25% to support specific coronavirus needs locally.  This is in recognition that the time of lockdown has really increased our sense of valuing the connections we have in our local communities, and our desire to build and maintain those connections. For example:

1-2-1 support for children who come from disadvantaged situations who have fallen behind with school
£200 would support counselling for one child who is anxious about returning to school, there are several children in this situation locally
Giving Chromebooks to families who haven’t got the technology the children need to access school work

This giving will be channelled through Wonersh and Shamley Green School.

If you are able to give, please make your donation to Wonersh Church, clearly marked by reference to Covid-19.  The relevant bank details are -

Name - CAF Bank
Sort Code - 40-52-40
Account - 00015176

Thank you so much for being part of this week of prayer and giving and we trust God to use these gifts to bring real and lasting change. 

Parish Administrator, 25/07/2020

 Church Life