Patsy's Indoor Skydive 

For my 80th birthday my family gave me an Indoor Sky Diving experience. This took place on Friday 12th November 2021 and was covered by BCC TV Look East. You can watch the video here:

I have been encouraged to be sponsored for this so that a charity might benefit. So, knowing the need for Covid vaccines to reach remote areas, I have chosen MAF, the Missionary Aviation Fellowship. 

MAF has been flying for over 75 years, reaching people in remote communities with help, hope and healing. Most recently they have been helping to deliver Covid 19 vaccines safely and speedily by air to areas that would be very difficult to reach in any other way. I'm raising money for this vital work so that the vaccines that are urgently needed can be delivered. 

Would you consider supporting me?

If so, please go to the Just Giving page - ‘Patsy Kettle’s Indoor Sky Diving’ ( where you will find all the details.

I know that they would really appreciates any donation you may feel that you would like to give, as would I! 

Thank you so much.  ? 


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