Ministry for Seniors

We offer a range of activities and support for the senior members of the parish.
Thursday Morning Service
Usually Holy Communion, the rota includes Morning Prayer one Thursday each month. Thursday services take place in the church and are followed by coffee and a chat in the Selwyn Room.  Transport is provided for those needing it, and many say that this quiet and reflective service is the highlight of their week.  Once a month we have an adapted shorter service to make it more accessible to those who have not been regularly attending church; this is followed by refreshments and discussion.

The Caleb Group
Connections (i.e. the Caleb Group) is a group for those who are in or nearing retirement and want to keep active. The aim is to promote friendship and fellowship amongst church members who are now in a new phase of their lives. There are currently 6 events per year, which include a number of local walks to celebrate the seasons of the year. Food is also an important ingredient – pub lunches after the walks, a summer boules & barbecue event, a skittles evening. For more details please contact James Cooke (
We have for many years celebrated Christmas and Easter with a short mid-week afternoon service followed by tea.  We also have a special Harvest Festival in October in Lawnsmead which includes a short talk and an opportunity to sing harvest hymns.  These give us an opportunity to build bridges with a congregation, some of whom it seems only attend these services. 
Home Groups
There are several daytime home-groups that provide a supportive caring environment in which people can grow as Christians.  These may especially suit seniors.
Pastoral Care
Much regular pastoral care and visiting of the elderly of our church and community takes place, as well as home communions from time to time for those unable to attend church. For particular pastoral care requests, please either contact the Vicar or Nansi Parker.
This is an essential feature of these activities, and we have a number of volunteers who help in this way.
Age Concern
Several members of the fellowship run (and cook for) the Age Concern weekly lunches at Lawnsmead.
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