Wonersh with Blackheath Parochial Church Council 

The PCC meets 5 or 6 times a year; church members should contact a PCC member if they wish any matters to be raised, always at the discretion of the Chair. Minutes of each meeting are available to church members when logged in to the church website; please note that these are only posted after the subsequent meeting, when they are approved.

This year's meetings (subject to alteration) are scheduled for: 6th June, 4th July, 19th September and 28th November

For general information about the PCC, please contact Clive Couzens (PCC Secretary).

Church members can access PCC minutes and papers from the PCC Information page (login required). 

Current PCC members:

Rev. David Peters                      Vicar
Alex Vinall              
Martin Keech
Patricia Allen        
Clive Couzens                    Secretary
Nick Gray                   Joint Treasurer
Darren Alford
  Emma Greenwood
Anne Heine-Carmichael

Liz Hayley
Liz Lister
Nansi Parker
Mark Puttick
Steve Vinall